Acoustic Treatment @ Flying Cape

Acoustic Treatment

Date Completed: August 2018

Flying Cape @ The Yards is an educational institution which specialises in children enrichment classes and hosting various educational workshops.

Renostics was engaged to solve their noise echo/reverberation issues as they priortise a conducive environment for the kids to have a wholesome experience during their time there. They are unable to conduct lessons properly as the sound reflections proved too much for them to handle. 

After conducting several acoustic test on site, we propose to use our fabric acoustic panels as they are excellent in absorbing the speech frequencies (500Hz to 2000Hz), and also provide them an option to decorate their rooms acoustically. Bright colours were chosen to liven up the rooms specially for the children, and a darker themed colour option was used for their meeting rooms to have the coporate look.

After installation of the acoustic panels, the reverberation was reduced signifcantly and classes can be conducted smoothly. Do check them out at and feel the difference with proper acoustics today!

Products used:

Fabric Acoustic Panels with high broadband absorption

Overall echo reduction: 75%

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