With our wide range of soundproofing products, ranging from soundproof wall, ceiling boards, soundproof doors, and soundproof windows, we aim to provide you with the best soundproofing solutions according to your needs. With our high quality certified products and cost effective solutions, rest assured you have a peace of mind working together with us!

Having to deal with unwanted noise or always want to have your own private home studio? Rest assured we also provide solutions for home users as well!


Over at Renostics, we believe in integrating both acoustics and aesthetics so as to enhance the overall acoustics and design of the room. Ranging from off the shelf products, or customised acoustic solutions and acoustic panels, we have them all!

Contact us today for further inquires and our team of professionals will be there to advise you accordingly (free of charge of course!)


On a tight budget, yet not wanting to compromise on sound quality, why not take a look at our selection of acoustic panels! With a wide range of acoustic panels to choose from, ranging from fabric material to wood perforated panels, be prepared to be spoilt for choices!

All our panels have been tested for acoustic performance.


Have an acoustic problem you cant solve? Or unable to achieve that “showroom” feel for your home hi-fi theatre?

We provide professional acoustic measurements and acoustic advisory on site.  No hidden charges!

Feel free to contact us today for further discussion.


Building a soundproof room from scratch? Wanting to enhance your existing space acoustically? Clarify your doubts and uncertainty with us as we will guide you throughout the whole project, from start to finish.

Send us your floor plans and images and leave your contact behind. Our team of acoustic experts will be following up with your within 1 working day.


Since 2017, Renostics have branched out to take in several renovation work. We have a team of renovation specialists to cater to home owners or commerical offices.

Big or Small, we do them all!

We have our own in house carpenters and fabricators, therefore we are able to offer competitive pricing and our quality control is much more stringent. Submit your inquiry to find our more and our team of specialists will get back to you within 1 working day.

Sound issues? Let us help you.

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