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Recommends right acoustics/soundproofing products to tackle your concerns.


Assess your intended treatment space and recommend the best solution that suit your budget.


Experience before and after on site complimentary acoustic test upon request after sales confirmation.


Satisfy acoustic performance and yet enhance interior aesthetics finishes.

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I was introduced to Renostics by chance. Renostics is very accommodating and understanding about my requirements and additional assistance required. They wasn’t pushy about any of the recommended solutions and in fact also advised what wasn’t necessary or useful for my situation. Overall, pricing is about the best in the market (from my research) and work was executed admirably by the crew.
Satisfied Home Owner

Renostics helped me plan, design, customize and construct a studio space that I am very happy with.  Most of my clients come in and tell me that they love the space and love how comfortable they feel in it.  I would definitely recommend Renostics for the good job they have done for me, and their professional work ethic and good pricing.
Amos Ang


Working with Renostics is a joy and they were assuring and accommodating. Very easy to work with and answered every possible questions about every possible ways to improve the sound. They finish the work a day earlier than expected. A nice experience for Mosta Records.
Azri Ali

Music Director, Mosta Records

Chance upon Renostics on google when I was looking for someone to help me with soundproofing. Very trustworthy & professional. They gave many good advices & helped me to keep within budget but not compromising quality. 👍🏼 Highly recommended
Jovin Tan

Sound Of Chariots Pte. Ltd

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