Softwalls Acoustic Stretched Fabric System

Softwalls™ Acoustic Stretched Fabric System

Softwalls™ is an acoustical and tackable stretched fabric system suitable for both wall and ceiling applications offering a complete solution for all acoustic solution within any space of any size.

Be it absorptive, reflective or both, Softwalls™ has a wide range of edge profiles, core insulation materials and fabric finishes to effectively resolve any acoustical issues. Acoustically and ideally, Softwalls™ Acoustic Stretched Fabric System addresses acoustic issues from inadequate sound absorption, excessive sound reflection, inappropriate reverberation time at an affordable price.

The acoustic and aesthetic flexibility of Softwalls™ make it ideal for a wide variety of applications. Choose from a collection of colour fabric finishes to blend in the desire interior design space.
We are certainly proud to be appointed as Softwalls™ approve applicator in Singapore since 2017!


  • Flexibility in adapting to various field condition.
  • No field pre-measuring for fabrication is required; saving six to eight weeks in completion schedule.
  • No damage of system part during shipment/delivery process.
  • Ability to incorporate any approve absorptive, reflective, tackable or composite core as fabric backing.
  • Class A rated, Flame Spread <25: ASTM E84.
  • Engineered for fabric removal and replacement in the event of soiling or damage.
  • Competitively priced with pre-manufactured panels.
  • Virtually unlimited freedom in panel design in two and three-dimensional planes and a variety of edge seam conditions.
  • Different profile edges to perfect mid wall extrusion seam designs


  • Conference Room
  • Cinema
  • Recording/Jamming Studio
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Hotel Ballroom
  • Home Theatre

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