Renostics Acoustic Foam Panels

Renostics Acoustic Foam Panels

Renostics Acoustic Foam Panel is ideal for acoustic concern project/space which accounts for little budgeting. It is a great solution to treat acoustics in small sound studio, home listening room and small vocal or instrument booth, by solving small flutter echo issue. Its shape maximises the expose sound wave area for better absorption. The foam panels are installed by gluing it directly to existing wall, ceiling or large continuous surface with adhesive glue. Efficient absorbent panel to rely on!


  • Size: 500mm x 500mm x 50mm
  • NRC: 0.80
  • Fire retardant: Self-extinguishable M1 fire-retardant foam
  • Easy to Install
  • Sold in Package of 4 units
  • Other sizes or designs available upon request


  • Vocal booth
  • Home vocal/recording booth
  • Mini studio
  • Hi-Fi room
  • Recording studio

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