"MUTE" Soundproofing System

“MUTE” Soundproofing System

Decibel’s MUTE SYSTEM™ is a soundproofing system from Bulgaria, mainly designed to help people who want to insulate partition walls and save extremely valuable space in their homes. MUTE SYSTEM reduces standard annoying noises such as loud speech, music, or even barking dogs, as well as other disturbing sounds. MUTE SYSTEM is recommended for partition walls and ceilings made of concrete, partition walls or brick.


MUTE SYSTEM™ uses a double damping principle, which ensures highest efficiency and the greatest possible space savings. The first mass-air mass constitutes a cavity between the existing wall and the panel, which in itself acts to damp by an acoustic foam. Second, the mass-suspension mass is added, which is composed of the elastic-mechanical connection DCIox and the existing wall and also acts as a sound-absorbing.


Several layers of MUTE SYSTEM contains various acoustic properties that ensure that MUTE SYSTEM provides an accurate and complete solution for your needs.

We are proud to be Decibel’s approved distributor in Singapore. Feel free to contact us for all project inquires!

More Details:

MUTE System for Wall: HERE

MUTE System for Ceiling:  HERE

MUTE System for Flooring:  HERE


  • Thickness: 23mm, 33mm or 63mm
  • Size: 1000mm х 1200mm х 33mm
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Airborne Noise Reduction: Up to 65dB
  • Easy to Install


  • Recording Studio
  • Residential
  • Auditorium
  • Hotel
  • Multi Purpose Hall
  • Meeting Room

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